SCOM’s SQL Server 2014 management pack doesn’t discover file groups containing filestreams or partition schemes

Edit: 13/08/2015: This bug has been fixed in management pack version

I have discovered a bug in the latest SQL Server 2014 SCOM management pack (

The problem is that file groups are not discovered for databases containing filestreams or partition schemes, due to a bug in the discovery script. The health service subsequently goes on to discover the files associated with all the file groups, regardless of whether the file group has been discovered, and forwards the data to the management server. Upon receipt of the discovery data for the files, the management server rejects it because some of the files are associated with file groups that haven’t yet been discovered, i.e. the management server is unable to map some of the files to file groups. The result is that all files for the database aren’t discovered and are therefore not monitored.

The symptoms are event ID 10801 on management servers, when the management server processes the discovery data, and missing database file groups and files in the inventory. The cause is a bug in the DiscoverSQL2014FileGroups.js script in the Microsoft.SQLServer.2014.Discovery management pack, where it only accepts file group types FX and FG, but, according to MSDN, there are two more possible values: FD and PS.

I have logged this bug on Microsoft Connect. Please vote for this bug if it’s a problem for you.

I’ve implemented a workaround, until Microsoft resolve the problem, which restricts file and log file discovery to those file group types that have previously been discovered, i.e. FX and FG. This allows monitoring of these file group types, but does not monitor the missing types. Unfortunately I can’t distribute the updated management pack as it contains Microsoft code.

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