“No Response Ping” during network discovery on Server Core

No Response Ping

When running a discovery for network devices in SCOM 2012 R2 from a server running Server 2012 R2 Core, the discovery may fail with the above error message. This doesn’t seem to occur with a full installation of Server 2012 R2. The solution, as per this guide is to enable the pre-defined firewall rules. To do this in PowerShell:

Get-NetFirewallRule | ? { $_.DisplayName -match "operations" -and $_.Enabled -ne "True" } | Set-NetFirewallRule -Enabled "True"

I know that querying and setting the Enabled property in this way seems odd, but this property is an enum rather than a Boolean.

After setting the above rules, run the discovery again and the devices should be detected.

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