Monitor SharePoint with SCOM

Monitoring SharePoint Foundation/Server with SCOM requires some additional configuration following the installation of the management pack.

  1. Download and install the latest version of the SharePoint Foundation and, if appropriate, SharePoint Server management packs to SCOM.
  2. If using SCOM 2012 or later, also download and install the 2012-specific management pack for SharePoint.
  3. Create or utilise an existing domain user account, e.g. Domain\ScomMonitorSharePoint, granting it the following permissions:
    1. membership of the Farm administrators SharePoint group;
    2. membership of the sysadmin SQL Server role; and
    3. membership of the local administrators group on all servers in the farm, except those that exclusively run SQL Server.
  4. Create or utilise an existing Run As account in SCOM for this user account, configuring the distribution of the credential to all servers in the SharePoint farm.
  5. Ensure that the SharePoint Discovery/Monitoring Account profile is configured to use the configured account.
  6. Create (copying from the management pack installation directory) or modify the SharePoint Server management pack configuration file on the RMS (emulator), which is stored as C:\Program Files\System Center Management Packs\SharePointMP.Config: under <Association>, modify as appropriate, depending on whether or not a new Run As account has been created. Further instructions are located in this file.
  7. Run the SharePoint server discovery: select Monitoring > SharePoint Products > Administration > Tasks > Microsoft SharePoint Farm Group Tasks > Configure SharePoint Management Pack > Run.
    Resolve any errors presented.
  8. Wait for approximately 30 minutes for SCOM to discover the instance(s) of SharePoint.
    NB: any problems will be reported in the member servers’ event logs.

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