SCVMM instance not discovered by SCOM

I recently came across an unusual case of SCOM not discovering certain elements of an SCVMM instance, including the applicable storage objects and associated file server objects. The connection between SCVMM and SCOM was active; as evidence, the connection was visible in SCVMM, and the internal connectors to the SCVMM instance were in place in SCOM, as were the Management Group objects in SCOM. However, no error messages had been logged in SCOM or in the event log on the SCVMM servers.

After manually executing the discovery scripts from the SCVMM management packs, I discovered that one of the discovery scripts was failing due to a missing registry key.

The type or name syntax of the registry key value IndigoTcpPort under Software\Microsoft\Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Administrator Console\Settings is incorrect.

The cause of the problem was that a registry value, IndigoTcpPort, was missing from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Administrator Console\Settings\. It appears that this value was removed by an update rollup prior to UR7, which have been installed automatically. Adding the value with its default data, 0x00001fa4 (8100), and allowing time for the discoveries to run, resolved the problem.