Love infographics

One of the first infographics, by Charles Joseph Minard, Carte figurative des pertes successives en hommes de l’Arm├®e Fran├ºaise dans la campagne de Russie 1812-1813, is a flow map showing Napoleon’s Russian campaign of 1812.

Details include: the size of the army; its geographical position and direction, including the retreat in black; and the temperature.

Minard - flow map of Napoleons Russian campaign

SCOM SDK service failure on a 2012 management server; event ID 26325

If the SDK service fails on a SCOM management server with event ID 26325, the problem is in accessing the authorisation manager store in the OperationsManager database, and is most-likely caused by a SQL login having been granted dbo access to the database, which is an invalid state.
To correct this, revoke all SQL login accounts’ dbo access to the database and start the SDK service.

Access the SCOM management pack web service behind a proxy

In order for SCOM to be able to access the management pack web service, the console must have either direct access to the web or, if a web proxy is in use, the following may be configured.

The Windows proxy settings must be correctly defined. These are not the same settings as in IE, but can be copied from IE:

  1. Configure a proxy setting in IE. This must be explicitly defined, i.e. automatic configuration scripts cannot be used.
  2. Start a command prompt with administrative rights.
  3. Copy your IE proxy settings to the local machine proxy settings.
    For XP/Server 2003:
    proxycfg -u

    For Vista/Server 2008 and above:

    netsh winhttp import proxy ie
  4. Start the SCOM console and access the web service.

NB: the configuration changes must take place on the computer running the console; no modifications to management servers are necessary.

For information, the URL of the web service is